BwB Radio: Interview with Mitch Germann

Blogs With Balls was a sports bloggers conference back in June that took place in New York and united many of the successful bloggers and sports writers in the industry with all of the hopeful, wide-eyed wanna-bes in helping to figure out where this whole online sports coverage industry is going. The conference was a lot of fun and helped me, personally, meet some really great people to know and embarrass myself during the nightlife portion of the get together.

Well, they’re throwing another conference, Blogs With Balls 2.0, in October and I’ll be headed back for two reasons. First, there are more people that I’m interested in meeting that will be at the second one and secondly, it’s in Las Vegas.

In preparation for BwB 2.0, the guys at HHR Media and Joe Sports Fan Radio Network are interviewing many of the upcoming panelists. They just so happened to recently interview Mitch Germann, VP of Communications for the Sacramento Kings and the Monarchs. Mitch is someone I’m familiar with thanks to the wonderful world of Twitter and is a heck of a nice guy through this avenue. He answers tons of tweets from his followers and has been nice enough to answer questions from me on occasion as well.

During this podcast/interview, Mitch and the guys at HHR Media discuss the following things:

– Access amongst the players between the WNBA and the NBA.
– How Kings players act through social media.
– How the Maloofs help make the job easier with their passion for being on the cutting edge.
– The possibility of credentialing local team blogs and why they feel it’s important to be where the fans are in terms of helping give access to these blogs.
– The Kings and the NBA’s movement towards the accepting of blogs and new media.
– David Sterns’ influence on this movement.

After the interview, they play “Name That King,” which Mitch nails with a little help from Chris and Don.

It’s really a very enjoyable interview and I’m looking forward to talking to Mitch in Vegas and working with him this season.


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