Buddy Hield’s extreme confidence on full display

I will not compare Buddy Hield to Stephen Curry because it’s extremely unfair and a bit silly, but I do believe Hield can have a successful tenure with the Sacramento Kings.

After getting a chance to interview the rookie from Oklahoma, the positive vibes I got from him were second to none. His strong faith in God and his leadership qualities were noted by all of us in the media right off the bat.


He is extremely confident in himself and believes God doesn’t make mistakes, when asked about his new journey in Sacramento.

Majority owner Vivek Ranadive has been scrutinized because of his comparisons to Curry but he’s not alone.

Hall of Famer Oscar Robertson, when presenting Hield with the Oscar Robertson Player of the Year award, said he thought Hield had a more-rounded game than Curry.

“I don’t think any of these players can guard him, just like Steph Curry, they can’t guard him,” Robertson said. “Plus, [Hield] can go inside and he can rebound. It means a lot also other than being [a shooter], he’s a great basketball player.”


The Pelicans had Hield higher on their board than Jamal Murray because of Hield’s upside on becoming a solid defender in the NBA. The Kings were also very high on him. Hield’s competitive spirit is clearly noted in the interview and I love it.

Hield will have the green light to shoot more and be involved a lot more with the Kings than he was in New Orleans.

I believe lots of fans forget that Hield shot 47.8 percent from beyond the arc in December, which earned him Rookie of the Month in the Western Conference.

He definitely hit the rookie wall after that but I expect him to play through it and get back to where he was in December. He will get the consistent minutes he needs to achieve that.

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