PHOTO: Brad Miller really did catch that bear

Last week, we shared James Johnson‘s take on former Sacramento Kings big man Brad Miller.  The 25-year-old wing decided to sport the No. 52 in honor of Miller, who was his teammate during his rookie season in Chicago.

We also talked with Johnson about Miller’s passion for the great outdoors.  Johnson has yet to go on a hunting trip with Miller, but is kept up to date on all of Miller’s exploits.

“I heard he just got a 7-foot bear just the other day. So, I don’t know if I’m going that extreme. I don’t if I’m that extreme yet – maybe a couple ducks or squirrels (first).”

Turns out Johnson wasn’t kidding.  Just about a week ago, Miller tweeted that he was hunting black bear and blacktail deer in Northern California.  He also shared the following picture.

Brad Miller celebrating a successful hunt. (Photo via Brad Miller on Twitter)

DISCLAIMER: If dead animals make you squeamish, don’t click through.



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