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From the Kings: Antoine Wright has been waived

This from the team in a press release: The Sacramento Kings today announced that they waived guard Antoine Wright. Wright totaled two points and three

November 29, 2010 Transaction Talk

Kings should get the point with Tyreke

Open up the Sunday paper and you’ll see another article by Ailene Voisin trying to convince you that Tyreke Evans isn’t a point guard. Luckily,

November 29, 2010 Analysis/Commentary

Bulls 96, Kings 85: Kings were so good until they weren’t anymore

How We Feeling? Totally awesome and then SOOOO the total opposite of awesome. The Kings came out with energy. Evans came out destroying the Bulls

November 28, 2010 Regular Season

From TBJ: 60/30 project comes to Arco Arena

Andrew Unterberger of The Basketball Jones is touring all of the NBA arenas in 60 days and was in town for the Kings-Hornets game on

November 23, 2010 Uncategorized

Site News: James Ham joins Cowbell Kingdom

I am extremely excited to announce that James Ham of The Purple Panjandrum is joining Cowbell Kingdom to be a contributor and basically bring his

November 23, 2010 Analysis/Commentary

Kings Split Weekend Games: Remember when offenses used to have movement?

How We Feeling? Sort of feel split down the middle. Literally. The Kings split the weekend games between the Nets and the Hornets (both at

November 23, 2010 Regular Season

Knicks 113, Kings 106: You might want to put a hand in their face

How We Feeling? Not and good. Six straight losses is not a way to convince your fan base that you’re on the way up, especially

November 18, 2010 Regular Season

A fistful of consecutive losses

A horse peed on my car when I was traveling down the freeway, going about 65 miles per hour. While this sounds like the setup,

November 17, 2010 Analysis/Commentary

Lieutenant Jeff Mennicke Wins Himself A Car

This was a pretty awesome moment the other night during the Kings-Wolves game. Lieutenant Jeff Mennicke was put on the spot by Joe Maloof while

November 12, 2010 Uncategorized

From SLAM: Tyreke Evans and Some Kind of Maestro

I’ll be honest… I watched this video a couple of times and really don’t know what happened in it. But you get to see some

November 11, 2010 Interviews
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