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Hickson in Herzilya: Week 1

J.J. Hickson officially became the Sacramento Kings first player to start his season, debuting Sunday night for Israel’s Bnei HaSharon/Herzilya against Hapoel Holon. With the

November 01, 2011 Analysis/Commentary, Lockout

Is DeMarcus Cousins Salvageable?

DeMarcus Cousins had one of the most intriguing rookie seasons of recent memory. Constant clashes with multiple bodies on and off the court; a knack

July 25, 2011 Analysis/Commentary

Trade Analysis: Kings acquire J.J. Hickson for Omri Casspi, future pick

In a last minute move before the lockout-imposed deadline, the Kings have decided to solve their self-created logjam at small forward, by trading Omri Casspi

Your Mandatory Marcus Thornton Love Letter

My Dearest Marcus, Long have I craved for our roundball rendezvous. Ever since those optimistic days of training camp, ripe with hopes of ascension into

February 25, 2011 Analysis/Commentary

Marc Stein reports JT is available, was shopped for Jeff Teague

In Friday’s Weekend Dime over at ESPN, Marc Stein reported the following: “It wasn’t long ago that Thompson, selected with the No. 12 overall pick

Initial Thoughts on the Sacramento Kings

So, the Kings have started off their 2010-2011 campaign to relative success. Sure, the wins have come against inferior competition, two of the losses were

November 08, 2010 Analysis/Commentary

Evolution of a Kings Fan

I am well-aware that this article is much more Noam-y than it is Kings-y. If this bothers  you, I will gladly reveal to you the

October 27, 2010 Analysis/Commentary, Preseason

Season Preview Essays: Donté Greene

More than anything else, Donte Greene makes you think. We’re talking about a 6’11″ small forward. 6-freaking-11. Same height as both candidates to start for

October 27, 2010 Analysis/Commentary, Preseason

Season Preview Essays: Jason Thompson

I can’t help but feel sorry for JT. Well, the knowledge that he plays basketball for a living and is set to make 5 million

October 27, 2010 Analysis/Commentary, Preseason

Season Preview Essays: Beno Udrih

The good thing about Beno is the confidence he instills in one’s heart as far as the Kings’ front office. Yes, Geoff Petrie gave him

October 26, 2010 Analysis/Commentary, Preseason
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