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Demons Exercised

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The Dallas Mavericks easily eliminated the defending champion Los Angeles Lakers from contention Sunday with a 122-86 victory in game four of the Western Conference Semifinals.  The Mavs completed a four-game sweep thanks in large part to a big contribution from a former King. From ESPN's Dallas Mavericks Report:
Peja Stojakovic, while playing for the Sacramento Kings, was knocked out of the playoffs for three consecutive seasons by the Lakers, who would go on to win the title in those years. The Kings lost to the Lakers in five games in the first round in the 1999-00 season and were swept in four games in the conference semifinals the following season. In 2001-02, the Kings lost in seven games to the Lakers in the conference finals. "It's nine years ago," Stojakovic. "We had our chance. It was very emotional for us over there, but it's been so many years we all have to move on with our lives and our careers. I'm a different player and that was years ago. I'm on a different team."
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Cousins Finishes 3rd in ROY Voting

DeMarcus Cousins finished third in this year's Rookie of the Year race, behind John Wall and award winner Blake Griffin.  Only six players received votes.  Here's how the voting broke down: Rookie Team 1st 2nd 3rd Total Blake Griffin Clippers 118 --- --- 590 John Wall Wizards --- 91 22 ... More

Joe Maloof Talks Vegas and Kings on CNBC

Joe Maloof has been making the rounds on the media circuit following Kings decision day.  He was on the CNBC show The Strategy Session today and answered questions about the family's financial situation, the Palms and of course the Kings. Watch after the jump. ... More

More Than A Pitstop

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  Some of you may know me from my work at SLAM Online and SB Nation Bay Area.  Or maybe you follow me on Twitter.  But with the events that unfolded over the past few weeks, I reached out to the crew here at Cowbell Kingdom to help cover what should be the most fascinating year of Kings basketball since the 2005-06 season.  I'd like to thank James Ham and Zach Harper for letting me jump on board. Like Zach, I'm not a Kings fan.  If you've read my work at SLAM or SB Nation, you can expect to hear a mostly detached perspective on the team and efforts to build a new arena. This post, however, is an exception.  I rarely write opinion pieces.  In fact, this may be the only time you see me explicitly voice my view here at Cowbell Kingdom.  But after watching this relocation saga develop over the last four months, I thought it'd be fine to break character just one time. ... More