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Petrie and Westphal on the J.J. Hickson/Omri Casspi trade

Steven Chea/CK

The Sacramento Kings called a press conference early today to announce the acquisition of J.J Hickson from the Cleveland Cavaliers in exchange for Omri Casspi and a future first round pick.  Here are the highlights of that news conference: Geoff Petrie, Sacramento Kings President of Basketball Operations:
  • On Hickson: "It was a chance to acquire a young player that's already proven himself to a pretty decent level in the league and strengthening our roster.  There's still a lot of upside there.  Some of the players that were just taken in the draft a week ago aren't a whole lot younger than J.J. and he's had three years in the league and been more productive each year.  It really falls, I think, mostly under the category of just improving the quality of your roster overall."
  • On the nexus of this trade: "We were having conversations with Cleveland prior to the draft and even somewhat during the draft and it just didn't seem to work. But they continued on here.  In order to accomplish this trade today, both teams had to waive physicals and reporting in order to get it complete today."
  • On the financial implications: "The other thing about this trade - it does not, again, significantly impact our salary cap room going forward at all.  So when we get to free agency, we'll still be basically in the same position.  We have to go and make other additions to the roster."
  • On Casspi: "Omri has had some pretty good stretches himself as a player and we wanted to make sure we could get fair value for him if we ever did move him."
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Jimmer in the Jungle: The Savior of Sacramento?

Apparently, Jimmer Fredette is not afraid to answer any question thrown at him.  The Kings' new point guard went on the Jim Rome Show today, just six days after being drafted 10th overall in the 2011 NBA Draft.  I'm not so sure about the new moniker, "The Savior of Sacramento," but Jimmer took it in stride and actually ran with it.  Remember this post about pressure?  Yikes, it just got a little bit hotter.

Jim Rome: You've already been glossed, "The Savior of Sacramento"... hey listen, there's been a lot expected of you for a very long time, the crown is big, but you've worn this thing pretty comfortably, but still, that's a big, big deal-  the Savior of Sacramento.  As you've mentioned, you've got some good young players on that team.  When you hear that, is that something you're comfortable with? Jimmer Fredette: You know, I guess so, a little bit.  I feel like, hopefully, I can help this team, you know, win more games.  I think that if we are successful on the floor, and continue to progress as a team, the fans and everybody will be excited about us.  Everybody's real excited just because I was a big name in the college game and one of the more highly touted people going into this draft.  So they (Sacramento fans) are really excited and I think I can bring a good game to their table and hopefully, like I said, win more ball games.  And if we do that, I think the city will get behind us and we can get it back to the Kings of the old days. Jim Rome: Jimmer, you were a big name in the college game, as you pointed out.  Do you expect to be a big name, a huge name in the NBA? Jimmer Fredette: You know, I hope so.  I hope I can be.  I really believe that I have the skill set to be a great player in this league and I think I can be a starting point guard and go out and play well and have a great career.  So, I'm looking forward to being able to do that.  I'll work as hard as I can and ease my way into it and continue to get experience and continue to grow as a player in this league.  But I believe I can be. I'm not questioning Jimmer or his motivation, I'm just not so sure I want him turning up the heat before he's played in his first game.  I can't wait to see how this new nickname looks on a t-shirt. Listen to the clip after the jump. ... More

Thursday meeting set between owners and players association.

Liz Mullen of Sports Business Journal Daily has reported via twitter, that before the NBA collective bargaining agreement ends on Thursday evening, the NBPA and the NBA owners will meet one last time in attempt to avoid a lockout.  Mullen has tweeted these statements by NBPA Executive Director Billy Hunter: NBPA Exec Dir ... More

The storm before the calm?


Jimmer Fredette, Tyler Honeycutt and Isaiah Thomas show off their duds.

Thursday morning, rumors began flying that the Kings were involved in a three team, five player, three draft pick deal that sent point guard Beno Udrih to the Milwaukee Bucks and brought John Salmons back to Sacramento.  Since then, it has been a wild ride in the river city. ... More

Pressure? Fredette about it


Pressure is a funny thing. Some men crumble under it. Others run away.  Every once in a while, you find someone who searches for pressure, waiting for that perfect moment to just kick it right in the teeth.  Everything Jimmer Fredette has done to this moment in his life tells me he is that last type.  You know, the one who goes looking for a challenge.  So pressure, look out.  Someone is coming for you and you'd best be ready. ... More

It’s time to give in folks and embrace the Jimmer

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqX_b_Bu4hI&feature=related Jimmer Fredette will be arriving at the Sacramento airport Friday at 4pm. It's time for Kings fan to open their arms and embrace the Jimmer. Let's give this young man a Kings welcome folks. More

Jimmer Fredette Interview by News10’s Ryan Yamamoto

Jimmer Fredette got stuck in the media queue waiting for the Kings three team deal to go through tonight. So the local Sacramento media got stymied and didn't receive the standard NBA draft pick conference call.  Fortunately, News10's Ryan Yamamoto was able to get a solo interview of the newest King via satellite and we have ... More

Kings take Tyler Honeycutt at no. 35.

With the 35th pick in the second round of the 2011 NBA Draft, the Sacramento Kings select sophomore small forward Tyler Honeycutt out of UCLA.  Expected to go in the first round, Honeycutt slipped on draft day and was unexpectedly available when the Kings picked the first of their two second-rounders.  Honeycutt ... More

Jimmer-mania comes to Sacramento.

With the tenth pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, the Sacramento Kings (via the Milwaukee Bucks) select point guard Jimmer Fredette out of Brigham Young University.  The senior guard averaged an incredible 28.9 points per game in his final college season, shooting nearly 40% from three point range and leading BYU to a 62-11 ... More

Trade winds are blowing.

Looks like the Kings have made a move, the only question is, what did they get in return?  According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo!, the Kings and their no. 7 pick are part of a blockbuster three way trade including both the Milwaukee Bucks and the Charlotte Bobcats. WojYahooNBA Adrian Wojnarowski Milwaukee has a three-... More