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Kevin Martin said what???

There have been many voices in this God forsaken NBA lockout.  Lawyers, commissioners, federal negotiators - all with some sort of spin coming at us.  Today, former Sacramento King and current Houston Rocket shooting guard Kevin Martin stepped up to the plate to voice the opinion of what has now been deemed, "the silent ... More

Lockout turns sour, Sacramento moves forward without Kings

In the wake of an absolute dreadful day of lockout negotiations, which have left the NBA season completely in doubt, the City of Sacramento is moving forward with it's plan to build a new entertainment and sports complex in the downtown Sacramento railyards.  According to Ryan Lillis of the Sacramento Bee: Officials with the ... More

Boo lockout

Today was supposed to be media day at Power Balance Pavilion.  It's kind of like the first day of school.  You get to see a bunch of friends that you haven't seen all summer, meet the new kids and take pictures.  Sure, there would be a little bit of homework after, but this was supposed to be a good day, a day of new ... More

The lockout officially eats games

The NBA has been gracious enough this morning to send out the following press release:   NBA POSTPONES TRAINING CAMPS FOR 2011-12 SEASON, CANCELS 43 PRESEASON GAMES NEW YORK, September 23, 2011--The NBA announced today that player training camps for the 2011-12 season have been postponed indefinitely because a new ... More

Jimmer’s All-Stars is a hit

Jimmer Fredette and a group of rookies put on a show Thursday night in Provo, Utah on the campus of BYU.  Although team Fredette lost 140-126 to team Leonard, the former Cougar got an incredible send off from more than 11,000 enthusiastic fans.  As opposed to most of the other summer league events, Fredette and his Octagon management team, landed a first class facility complete with a free live streaming website and a television deal with the BYU channel.  So that means that thousands of folks all over the country got to catch a glimpse of some high flying, fun loving, no defense playing hoops. Coach Steve Fisher came out to coach his former San Diego State star Kawhi Leonard who teamed with the Bucks' first rounder Tobias Harris to lead team Leonard with 24 points apiece.  Kemba Walker chipped in 23 points, six rebounds and four assists to drive the offense from the point, while big man Vernon Macklin anchored the post with 18 points on 8/11 shooting and six rebounds.  Team Leonard took an 18 point lead into the half, outscoring team Fredette 36-19 in the second quarter and never looked back. More after the jump... ... More

Marcus Thornton turns down Maccabi Tel Aviv?

Reports have surfaced that Sacramento Kings restricted free agent Marcus Thornton may have passed on a substantial offer to play overseas for Maccabi Tel Aviv.  According to David Pick of Eurobasket.com: Thornton is a huge piece to the Kings puzzle going forward and the fears of him leaving to play in Europe have been ... More

Kings working hard despite lockout, relocation talk

Have you ever tried to sell snow cones to Eskimos?  How about ocean front property in Wyoming?  Try this one - selling NBA season tickets during a lockout for a team with a losing record for five consecutive years, or corporate sponsorships for a team that may or may not relocate at the end of a season that might not happen.  That is exactly what the Sacramento Kings have been charged with and to be honest, they have done a yeoman's job of it. I'm sure the cynic is going to give Mayor Kevin Johnson all the credit for what is happening here in Sacramento, but he is only a piece to the puzzle.  Once the Maloof family announced they were staying in Sacramento for the 2011-12 season, the Mayor's office switched gears from corporate sales to building a new entertainment and sports complex in the downtown rail yards.  The Kings, with the help of their NBA partners, were left to fend for themselves in very uncertain times. While fans would much rather be talking about free agency and start of training camp, that's not on the table right now.  Could you imagine trying to sell a box of Captain Crunch with no cereal inside?  Now how about that same empty box of cereal and oh, by the way, you can't use the word, "Captain."  Not his name and not his expertly penciled hat and mustache.  That is exactly what the Kings are faced with. More after the jump... ... More

Kevin Johnson on the Grant Napear Show

This afternoon, Mayor Kevin Johnson continued his media tour, dropping by the Kings flagship station, KHTK 1140.  Not only did the Mayor field Grant's questions, but he stuck around to take a few from callers as well.  Here are some of the highlights of a very good discussion between Napes and KJ: "It looks like this ... More

Jimmer comes in at #273 in the #NBArank.

According to the ESPN/True Hoop ranking of the top 500 NBA players, Jimmer Fredette sizes up at number 273 out of a possible 500.  Each NBA player was graded from 1-10, with ten being the highest possible score.  Jimmer averaged a score of 3.55 from the 91 basketball aficionados tasked with rating the players.   ... More

Thornton has a decision to make?

Shortly after my post yesterday, Sacramento Kings restricted free agent Marcus Thornton posted this cryptic message to his Twitter account:   I'm sure the Kings are hoping Marcus "think(s) this all the way thru" as well.  Thornton came to the Kings at the trade deadline in a deal for Carl Landry.  After a very ... More