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Taking one in as a fan.

As this all consuming Kings season comes to a close, I was given some advice from a fellow blogger, he told me – James, make

March 15, 2011 Business

Kings lose back-to-back close ones but are reinforcements on the way?

The Sacramento Kings lost on both Friday and Saturday nights, running up their losing streak to six games, but there might be some good news

March 13, 2011 Interviews, Regular Season

A man of few words.

I have spent almost an entire season hanging out with the Sacramento Kings, be it at the practice facility or in the locker room in

March 10, 2011 Interviews

Kings limp into rematch with Orlando.

NBA super star Dwight Howard rested up Monday, serving a one game suspension for his 16th technical of the season.  Two weeks ago, the Sacramento

March 09, 2011 Regular Season

Houston and the ghost of Kings past.

Amidst all the relocation talk, the game of basketball has almost been lost in Sacramento.  Tonight, the Kings welcomed back Kevin Martin, Brad Miller and

March 08, 2011 Business

The light dims. Taylor/ICON group puts feasibility study on hold.

Kings fans in Sacramento woke up Sunday morning to the horribly disappointing news that until the Maloofs make their intentions known, the Taylor/ICON group has

March 06, 2011 Business

Westphal tries something new.

According to the Sacramento Bee’s Jason Jones, via twitter, the Kings will start three new starters tonight against the Utah Jazz: @mr_jasonjones Jason Jones starting

March 05, 2011 Regular Season

Kings’ fans bring the noise.

For those of you who missed the Kings/Clippers game last night, here is a quick clip of some of the action.  If you are at

March 01, 2011 Business

Maloofs in the house.

Joe Maloof, via twitter, has confirmed that he, along with brothers Gavin and George will be in attendance for Here We Stay night at newly

February 27, 2011 Business

Paul Westphal talks the miracle in Orlando, Carl Landry, trade deadline and relocation.

Following the Kings unbelievable victory over the Orlando Magic on Wednesday night, I was able to steal a few more minutes with Coach Paul Westphal

February 24, 2011 Interviews, Transaction Talk
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