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KHTK 1140′s Mark Kriedler via twitter is reporting that the group led by Rob Stutzman has the necessary signatures to block the City of Anaheim

April 21, 2011 Business

The Sacramento Kings….of Sacramento?

Big props to the excellent reporting of’s Sam Amick who has a couple of major tidbits to share about the Sacramento Kings’ relocation situation. 

April 20, 2011 Business

The calm before the storm.

Everyday has been a new adventure here in Sacramento.  Yesterday, news broke that Thunder Valley, one of Sacramento’s largest Indian casinos, has pledged $1 million

April 20, 2011 Business

Show me the numbers.

Thanks to Street and Smiths Sports Business Journal Daily (SBJ) staff writers John Ourand and David Broughton, and the always thorough work of our friend

April 19, 2011 Business

Sacramento push to block Anaheim bonds almost complete.

This saga just keeps getting better.  The Sacramento Bee is reporting that local political consultant Rob Stutzman is closing in on the necessary signatures to

April 19, 2011 Business

Why Clay Bennett is the perfect choice to judge the viability of Sacramento.

A special thanks goes out to photographer Ron Nabity for not only capturing a horrible NBA no call (no, goal tending was not called on

April 18, 2011 Business

Wait a second, we still have some basketball matters to tend to.

With all of the non-basketball related matters swirling around here in Sacramento, the game itself has gotten a little lost.  Before the season finally ended

April 17, 2011 Interviews

The plot thickens…

Rob McAllister of Sacramento radio station KFBK is now reporting: KFBK has learned that the majority owners have also taken out a line of credit

April 12, 2011 Business

So what happens if they stay?

There has been so much speculation and rumor that it is very hard to understand just what exactly might happen over the next week or

April 11, 2011 Business

Meet Marcus Thornton.

    Following Friday night’s loss to the Denver Nuggets, I caught up with the newest Sacramento King, Marcus Thornton, in the locker room.  In

April 03, 2011 Interviews
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