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*** Updated*** New information on arena keeps rolling in.

  Update: If you would like to read the entire feasibility study yourself, you can download the PDF document here courtesy of NBA Confidential. (Jonathan Santiago) Update #2:

May 25, 2011 Business

If I were a new stadium in Sacramento, this is what I might look like.

  In the immortal words of Frank the Tank, “It’s glorious!”  This is the artist rendering for the proposed sports and entertainment center that the

May 25, 2011 Business

A new stadium can be yours for the low, low cost of only …

According to KCRA Channel 3, the Sacramento-based NBC affiliate, the numbers are in on what it’s going to take to get a new sports and

May 23, 2011 Uncategorized

Rumor mill starts. Teams eyeing the Kings 7th pick?

Lottery night has come and gone, leaving the Sacramento Kings once again pining for some sort of cosmic balance.  There is a consensus amongst the

May 20, 2011 Analysis/Commentary

Cowbell Kingdom presents: Larry Coon (Part II)

Welcome to Part II of Cowbell Kingdom’s interview with NBA salary cap guru Larry Coon.  In yesterday’s discussion, we touched on a lot of big

Lottery fails Kings again.

httpv:// In a not so shocking turn of events, the Sacramento Kings have once again come up empty handed on lottery night and will draft

May 17, 2011 Uncategorized

Cowbell Kingdom presents: Larry Coon.

With that ugly “R” word hanging over our heads here in Sacramento, we have been in a state of suspended animation, not really having prepared

May 16, 2011 Interviews

Stern and Hunter already working on new CBA?

According to our friend Sam Amick of The source confirmed an report that commissioner David Stern and union chief Billy Hunter met in

May 11, 2011 Analysis/Commentary

Here We Rally.

It’s Party time…again.  Following the “Here We” mantra, Here We Rally is looking like something special.  The Kings are staying in Sacramento for at least

May 10, 2011 Announcements

Westphal talks summer, improvement and what’s next for the Sacramento Kings.

Things in Sacramento have been a wacky lately.  While we here at Cowbell Kingdom like to talk basketball, there has been very little if any

May 04, 2011 Interviews
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