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Thoughts From Kings Third Summer League Game

My man Jon Santiago, who hosts a fantastic podcast with my man Patrick Crawley (Do I sound enough like Ahmad Rashad?), tweeted me last night, wondering why Donte Greene wasn’t starting. My reaction was it’s probably a way to see how some of the other guys adjust to a different role. Coachie inserted Jon Brockman and Wesley ... More

Reaction to Kings Second Summer League Game: Kings vs Warriors

The win/loss really isn’t important in Summer League games. And it isn’t really even about the way that this team lost the game, either. It doesn’t matter that they were up 14 with about five minutes to go. This Kings team seemed a lot more fluid offensively than they did Friday against the Pistons. The problem is ... More

First Impressions from the Kings First Summer League Game

Summer League is a chance for first impressions and to get a modicum of an idea of what you have with your young players. And that’s exactly what we get with the Kings after 40 minutes of play against Detroit’s rookies and Summer League roster fillers. Here are some quick-hitter impressions from what I saw on the floor ... More

More Videos from First Day of Mini-Camp

Here are the rest of the videos of the first day of Kings Summer League Mini-Camp from Kingsflix. First up, Paul Westphal: Speak of the devil, Donte Greene is the next video: And a little bit of the action from the night practices: Get ready to see a lot of this next season -- Tyreke Evans driving down the ... More

Kings Had Second Biggest Decline in Gate Receipts

My good internet friend and White Men Can't Jump aficionado, Jared Wade, passed on an interesting article from CBSSports.com in which Ken Berger goes over the biggest decline in team attendance from the past season. Jared was busy trying to see how badly his Indiana Pacers got hit last season, only to be pleasantly surprised ... More

Tyreke “Reek” Evans Talks with Kings.com

Andrew Nicholson is basically running this blog today. Another nice interview after the first practice via Kingsflix. "I know the offense is going to come to me; I think I did a good job on defense." More

Kings.com Catches Up with Pete Carril

Another great interview from Andrew Nicholson via Kingsflix. "I think the resurrection of our franchise started today." More

Kings.com Catches Up with Jason Thompson at Mini-Camp

Via Kingsflix More

Video of Kings 1st Practice of Mini Camp

Andrew Nicholson of Kings Connect fame has just uploaded some video from the Kings 1st practice of the summer. Okay, it isn't exactly Summer League games, exhibition games in October or the season opener but it's nice to finally have some basketball video to over-analyze and obsess about until this weekend. Keep ... More

Revisiting Carlos Boozer

A couple of things over the weekend got me to thinking about Carlos Boozer playing in Sacramento. First was this piece from the Salt Lake Tribune that mentioned the Kings as a possible destination for Carlos Boozer. Then I saw this comment from a reader named Mo: Any chance Kings can make a trade for Boozer? The Jazz need to ... More