Audio: Arena financing Q&A, including Mayor Kevin Johnson on Maloofs involvement

At the conclusion of Think Big Sacramento’s presentation of the Nexus Report at today’s Sacramento Press Club luncheon, speakers took questions.  Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson was asked by Press Club President Rich Ehisen on the Maloofs’ involvement in the process.

I think that…I have to be very fair to the Maloofs.  I think they’ve been very supportive, once they decided not to file and head to Anaheim.  Prior to that, we were on different sides of obviously the aisle.  The moment they decided not to file, they have totally cooperated.  They’ve shared all their financials.  They’ve had meetings with Dan Barrett.  We flew to Vegas and had really intimate discussions.  And I think when you say the Maloofs, you need to say NBA and the Maloofs because they represent each other.  So that’s important.

Think Big’s Executive Chairman Chris Lehane and financing consultant Dan Barrett also answered questions.  You can listen and/or download to the entire Q&A session below.


Audio courtesy News10 and the Sacramento Press Club.


Jonathan Santiago
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