Attention Kings Fans: Want to Win Some Kings Swag?

Then you need to head on over to The Sacramento Press, read their Kings coverage and leave a comment on one of their fantastic Kings stories. Jason Thompson wrote something over there and so did Jon Brockman. Not to mention there are talented local writers covering this team right now and Martin “Marty” McNeal even wrote a Kings preview for this coming season. Just leave a comment on any of them.

Seems easy enough, right? And if it’s so easy then what could you possibly win?

Warriors pens?

Sacramento Surge pennant?

Kobe Bryant #8 jersey?


We’re talking some actual prizes from The Sacramento Press and Sacramento Kings. There are tickets to games. How does sitting on Press Row for a game sound as a prize? You’d get to hang out with Sam Amick the entire night! Hell, you can probably even talk him into letting you write his column for the Bee the next day (that last part might not be true). Other prizes include personalized jersey and much more.

Click here for the contest rules. You have until midnight tonight (October 12th) to post a comment on their Kings coverage to win something tomorrow morning.


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