Announcement: NBA Draft Marathon LiveBlog-O-Rama-Rama

I wasn’t around for this last year because I was busy holding my own live blog/instant update post on but Matt Moore and the gang at Hardwood Paroxysm held down a marathon Draft live blog last year that lasted 8 hours and 4 minutes.

This year? It’s about to get bigger and better.

The ESPN TrueHoop Network is going to be holding a network-wide liveblog that you can follow from any and every site affiliated with Henry Abbott’s baby. You’ll be able to get the same great talk about the draft on Hornets247, Daily Thunder, Hardwood Paroxysm, Cowbell Kingdom, Beyond Bowie, Truth About It and more. We’ll have the CIL program embedded on every network.

You’ll get the same comments from the down-trodden fans at ClipperBlog, the hopeful small market fans at 3 Shades of Blue, and the die-hard tough fans from Knicker Blogger. You’ll get to interact with the best bloggers and best readers across the internet through this mega-LiveBlog.

So show up on this or any website on the TrueHoop Network to participate. It will start around 3:30 PST. It will be the first of its kind and the start of a great Draft night tradition.

For a little preparation of what’s to come, check out the TrueHoop Network Podcast Episode 1: Fear and Loathing in the Top 3.

Activating interlock…


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