Analysis: De’Aaron Fox’s top plays and how they would improve the Kings

It’s that time of the year where teams around the NBA will be deciding their future with young and energetic players out of college to help them reach the ultimate goal of winning an NBA championship.

In the Sacramento Kings’ case, all eyes are pointing at Kentucky’s De’Aaron Fox, who just completed multiple team workouts over the past week. In his workout with the Lakers he mentioned towards the end of a media scrum that he would be working out for the Kings for a second time.

Nothing is official, but it’s always a good sign when a coveted player such as Fox says he would be open to working out or simply meeting with a team that reportedly loves his game.

The athletic point guard has one of the best floaters in this draft and will help many teams in different areas, but especially in transition. Here are his top plays broken down and analyzed to see how they could impact the Kings.

Right off the bat, you get a sense that Fox has great vision and knows how the defense will react. He also doesn’t waste time getting the ball up the floor. This could help the Kings jumpstart their offense and get other players involved a lot sooner by getting them easier shots in transition.

The Kings are one of the slowest teams in the NBA to the point where they rank in the bottom 10 for the average speed collected offensively. The reason why this is not acceptable is because the NBA is moving more towards a fast-paced 3-point shooting league and the Kings can’t keep up unless they draft a speed demon such as Fox.

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Imagine how much better guys like Willie Cauley-Stein and Buddy Hield would improve next season if they had Fox pushing the ball up the floor like he did in the video above. Hield has not played with a point guard who can push the ball and create so much offense. I believe his 3-point percentage would skyrocket if he would play alongside Fox.

The speed from Fox is breathtaking in this video:

It took Fox exactly four seconds to go from end to end and also finished at the rim, which is not always the case for many young point guards coming into the league.

Another thing to note about Fox’s game is his ability to handle the basketball and have the vision to find open teammates for easy layups.

Fox averaged 2.4 turnovers at Kentucky, which needs to get better if he plans on becoming an elite point guard in the NBA. But his ability to move the ball so quickly and blow by you in the half-court the way he did in this video below is a huge reason why so many GM’s and scouts have fallen in love with his potential on becoming the best point guard in this draft five years from now.

It’s interesting to note how well Fox can level up bigger defenders as well. In today’s NBA, a lot of centers are now being forced to guard the 3-point line due to the game evolving, so it’s nice to see these prospects in these type of situations during their college campaigns.

What the Kings could use more than anything right now, is scoring. Last season, the Kings ranked 23rd in offense, which accumulated to 102.8 points per game. Fox averaged 16.7 points and shot 48 percent from the field as a Wildcat. I believe these type of numbers are attainable his rookie season if a team like Sacramento would find a way to draft him.

Fox can create his own shot with the best of them and the fact that he can play in the pick and roll so effectively, gives him a shot to rank amongst the best point guards for the next decade barring injury.

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