Founded in 2009, Cowbell Kingdom is the top independent source for news and information on the Sacramento Kings. Affiliated with’s TrueHoop Network, CK provides high-caliber NBA coverage through written, video and audio content.  CK strives to bring together old media traditions of newspapers, television and radio into a new media world.

Quick Facts

  • Our Managing Editor is fully credentialed by the NBA and Sacramento Kings.
  • Managing Editor Leo Beas has worked for ESPN Deportes 1570 AM and freelanced for the RGJ. He is the founder and was the Senior Producer of the Brush Up.
  • Cowbell Kingdom is featured on’s Kings Clubhouse page.

Impacts & Reach

  • 1,000,000+ visits annually
  • 45,000+ average unique monthly visitors
  • 176,000+ average monthly page views
  • Twitter Followers: @Cowbell_Kingdom – 6,300+, @beasleo – 1,800+,@humbargerdaniel – 35,000+
  • 87% of our audience is between the ages of 18-44
  • 97% male audience
  • 58% of our audience lives is in the Greater Sacramento region
  • 53% of our audience has a Bachelor’s Degree or higher
  • 51% of our audience have a household income of $50,000+
  • 1 in 8 of our followers have an annual household income of $100,000 or more
    • Audience data based on information collected during 2013 voluntary survey of 213 respondents.  Summary available on request.


Why advertise?

Cowbell Kingdom reaches a wide, but very targeted audience that your product or service would benefit from. Compared to traditional print ads, skipping over an ad on the page is not an option.  Cowbell Kingdom has the potential for nearly an unlimited amount of impressions thanks to the backing of  During big news events featuring the Kings, pageviews can spike as high as 10-20,000 in a single day.

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