Addressing Cousins’ Beef With Cowbell Kingdom and Moving Forward

Courtesy of a Sacramento Bee video

Courtesy of a Sacramento Bee video

Dear People of Sacramento and the NBA Community,

I was at a promotional event hosting a Kings-Grizzlies watch party at Sail Inn Grotto when the Sacramento Bee released its column regarding DeMarcus Cousins’ attempts to control the media.

I briefly skimmed through it because I was focused on the game, which the Kings ended up winning with a good all-around team effort. Meanwhile, my phone was blowing up. When I began to see fans associating my name with Andy Furillo’s comments regarding Cousins’ brother, I immediately decided to go public with my situation with Cousins.

Let me be very clear: I have neither written nor mentioned Cousins’ brother or family in any way, shape or form.

Now, his “beef” with Cowbell Kingdom began on Nov. 16, 2016, after a Kings game against the Spurs. According to his camp and a few other people close to him, he didn’t like a story we ran one day earlier.

As members of the press drew closer to conduct the normal media scrum, Cousins singled me out and began talking to me in a very unprofessional manner. Instead of pulling me aside, as most professional basketball players would, he tried to verbally intimidate our photo editor, Emmanuel Basulto, and me and then began attacking me on a personal level. Instead of escalating the situation, we exited the locker room.

Before I move on to a bigger incident, let me point out that I didn’t write the story he is mad about, but I did publish it because it’s my job as the managing editor of Cowbell Kingdom. To this day, I feel that the story fairly stated objective facts and statistics that shouldn’t be ignored. I even received a text from a Kings player apologizing on the team’s behalf for having to witness another tantrum by the “leader” of the team.

The Sacramento Bee published two video clips that involved Cousins and Cowbell Kingdom. In the first, he denied another media scrum interview to Cowbell Kingdom after a November game against the Los Angeles Clippers. The other depicted a courtside verbal altercation that Cousins initiated with me during warm-ups before a game against the Houston Rockets.

I’m sure by now, his excessive denial of interviews and attempt to instigate an altercation with Cowbell Kingdom may have you thinking, will this guy ever mature?

That’s the golden question. Now, some people feel Cousins had the right to defend his brother in his “beef” with Furillo. By all means, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but how immature is it when he approaches 15 minutes before a game to curse at me as I was taking b-roll footage of the team running out of the tunnel during warm-ups?

It boggles my mind to think that I supplanted the Houston Rockets as his biggest concern moments before the game was set to start. How did that turn out? The Kings allowed 38 points in the first quarter and could never recover that night.


The Sacramento Bee only released a small portion of the altercation, which is positive for Cousins because if the full video had been released, then we would be talking about something else. I’ll just leave it at that.

After all this, I still reached out to his camp attempting to find a resolution to an issue that, quite frankly, is beyond childish and unprofessional.

I never received a call or text response from them.

Although, I did receive another denial of a media scrum interview on Dec. 9 against the New York Knicks. His persistence to stay silent if Cowbell Kingdom is present is beyond my understanding.

Let’s put this into perspective: He’s angry with me about a story that I did not write. I published it, and I completely stand by Matt George’s approach and the specific content. Cousins is also apparently mad at me for lauding his game since his rookie year and praising his wonderful actions in the community. I never once wrote or stated anything on camera that was unfairly negative or out of bounds about him before the article released on Nov. 15 or since. To this day, I continue to cover Cousins and the Sacramento Kings objectively.

What was the purpose of writing this column?

My only goal is to end this nonsense and focus on covering this team for what they do on the court. I am also tired of all the negative scrutiny this team takes every single year with all the off-court issues. I truly believe the Sacramento Kings organization takes these types of situations very seriously, and I hope they address it fairly and swiftly.

We will also address this in more detail on the Cowbell Kingdom Podcast later during the week. I also want to address all the negative criticism out there by saying thank you for reading and providing feedback. We always strive to be better. However, I truly believe that most Kings and NBA fans who read and watch the content we produce appreciate the quality of work that goes into every article and video.

On behalf of the entire Cowbell Kingdom team, I thank you for taking the time to read this.


Leo Beas


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Leo Beas
Leo Beas is the Managing Editor of Cowbell Kingdom. He strives to provide independent, reliable, accurate, and comprehensive information that gives NBA fans a trusted voice when covering their team.

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