Actor Colin Hanks worries about Kings contraction

Actor Colin Hanks is a native Sacramentan, who grew up a Kings fan.  The newest addition to the cast of “Dexter” joined the Kamentzky Brothers on their ESPN LA podcast this weekend and expressed some concern over the future of his favorite NBA team:

What effect would it have on Sacramento if the Kings left or if the lockout lasted the entire year?

If the lockout happens all year, and I was just in Sacramento last week so I was talking to a lot of people that are up there.  If the lockout happens all year, I think everyone is afraid that they’re just going to contract that team.  Like that it’s just going to be gone.  Not it moving to Anaheim or any of these things, that they’ll just pull the plug on this organization completely.  And I think there are a lot of other clubs that are feeling that same sort of tension.  That said if the team left, I think a large section of Sacramento would be devastated.

What’s worse – the team leaving or contracting?

That’s actually a really good question.  I don’t know.  The team leaving would be incredibly difficult because if that team then becomes a success somewhere else, it is a stain upon the city.  If the team just folds, well that’s horrible too.  But at least you’re not constantly reminded of it if they win.

You can listen to the rest of Kamentzky Brothers discussion with Hanks about the Kings here.


Jonathan Santiago
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