Before the Sacramento Kings left for training camp, the buzz around the arena was that they would be participating in team building exercises during their stay in Colorado Springs.

Keith (Smart is) keeping a pretty tight lid on exactly what the plan is for the team building exercise,” said the Sacramento Bee’s Jason Jones to us on yesterday’s Cowbell Kingdom Podcast.  ”But, (Friday) is team building day, so they won’t practice.  But I guess if one of the guards comes back with a strained back we can assume they tried to do the ‘let’s catch the the bigs exercise’.”

Fortunately, no injury reports were tweeted by the Kings’ official Twitter account, so it’s safe to assume all went well.  In fact, the Kings, along with their players, shared a number of pictures and reaction from yesterday’s adventure at the Broadmoor Hotel and Resort.  We’ve compiled them here for you to see in a Storify pad below.