2012 NBA Summer League: Jimmer scores big, but Kings fall 113-91 to Rockets

LAS VEGAS – Jimmer Fredette let loose, but the Sacramento Kings were unable to capitalize on his offensive outburst, losing 113-91 to the Houston Rockets.

  • Jimmer talked about being given the green light by Kings head coach Keith Smart. “Shoot the ball a lot, but like you said, don’t be a ball hog,” Fredette said of the advice Smart gave him. “Don’t take too many bad shots or anything like that. Still play within the realm of the game.” Jimmer scored a Summer League-high 30 points on 10-of-21 shots. He also connected on all eight of his free throw attempts.
  • Kings assistant coach Bobby Jackson was not pleased with today’s effort. He commented on their poor rebounding and defense in transition. “They had 25 transition points at halftime,” Jackson said. “They ended up with 45. They were just running the floor and we weren’t. But it’s an effort thing (and) I just told the guys, you won’t last long if you think that you can just get by and we cruise.” He added that their play this Summer League has been too erratic and inconsistent. “I hope they look at themselves and say ‘Well, I gotta do something different’,” said Jackson.

  • Thomas Robinson was not happy with himself after the game. He’s confident he’ll eventually figure out the NBA. But one could see the frustration and could tell he wants to play better. I think I take this more personally than anybody in this whole Summer League,” Robinson told reporters after the game. “It’s the fact that I don’t like losing and I don’t like playing bad. But it happens, there’s a learning process. I’ll get over it.” Robinson scored 10 points on five-of-13 shooting, collected eight rebounds, but committed five turnovers and seven personal fouls.
  • Jackson on Robinson: “With any rookie, you gotta grow. He has a great motor, he has a great feel for the game. He just has to slow down sometimes and run the floor. With every rookie, just be more consistent. That’s what this league is all about, just being more consistent. His energy is always there. It’s just in spurts and when he decides to do it. So, outside of him, I’ve gotta say our overall effort was a C. It showed on the court.”
  • Forward Tony Mitchell had himself a solid game. Mitchell started his second contest, scored 15 points on six-of-10 shooting and pulled down six rebounds. Jackson likes his game and says Mitchell has been very coachable.


Jonathan Santiago
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