Jimmer Fredette proposed to his college sweetheart, Whitney Wonnacott late this summer.  And you might not have guessed it, but the Kings rookie-guard-to-be is quite romantic.  With a little help (kind of) from a Republican presidential candidate (and no, it wasn’t Mitt Romney, as conventional wisdom would lead one to believe), here’s how he popped the question.  From the Deseret News:

 It happened on Aug. 29, when I went to a golf tournament at Jon Huntsman’s private golf course up in Driggs, Idaho. I told her (Whitney Wonnacott) I was getting back to Provo a lot later than I actually was getting back, so she wasn’t expecting to see me that day. I had my sister in on the plan and told her to have Whitney meet her at the house that I am staying at right now (in Provo), knowing that Whitney would come. When she got to my house, there was a little note on the bed that read, ‘There is present outside for you. Sorry I couldn’t get back. You’ve got to go and find it.” She went outside and there was actually a present out there. I bought her a little pair of shoes. While this was happening, I was in the house. When they both returned to the room, I was there on my knee. She said “yes” and the rest is history. It was a great night.

They’re planning to tie the knot in June of next year in Colorado.