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Cowbell Kingdom Podcast Ep 13 – Rob McAllister of NewsTalk 1530 KFBK

After a one-week reprieve, we're back! Think Big Sacramento announced some new developments this week on the on-going arena project.  KFBK's Rob McAllister joins us on the Cowbell Kingdom podcast to share his thoughts on the entertainment-and-sports complex committee's latest findings. Follow Rob on Twitter. Highlights
  • Ideas for publicly financing the arena are beginning to take shape.  But what about private funding?  According to McAllister, involving private entities like an AEG and also the Kings will mainly serve the purpose of showing creditors the project is worthy of a loan.  "There isn't going to be, let's say, a multi-millionaire (or) billionaire that's willing to throw $50 to 100 million on an arena.  That's really not feasible and that really does not make any sense for anyone to do that."
  • Fall-out from the lockout? "I don't think it's going to help in the matter of public opinion if the team is locked out in November and you're trying to push for an arena.  People are going to be upset if they can't watch the Kings.  On the other end, I think it also slows up the Anaheim deal where they can't just move in the middle of a lockout."  He adds that the lockout doesn't really help or hurt the process.
  • Yesterday's Public Synergies Report revealed some unorthodox means of funding, including selling parcels of city-owned land to raise anywhere from $30 to 60 million dollars for the project.  McAllister believes the land the city could bargain would be from Natomas.
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Video: Tyreke Evans = amateur optometrist

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywy6721nDSg Well then..I guess I'll have to catch Cowboys and Aliens in 3D. (H/T VSP) More

ESPN 5-on-5: Tackling the NBA’s most promising young center

The ESPN 5-on-5 roundtable continues its daily discussion with a debate of the NBA's best centers.  Which young five-man has the most promising career prospects? Clint Peterson, via Twitter:Marc Gasol. No longer the "Lesser Gasol," Marc dominated big bro Pau last season. He's the whole package and is poised to succeed from ... More

Your midday cup o’ Kings: Francisco Garcia

As the roster sits today, the Sacramento Kings have only two players over the age of 25 - the 31 year-old John Salmons, who was acquired on draft day in a trade with the Bucks, and Francisco Garcia, the longest tenured King, who will be 30 on December 14th. It's strange how time flies. It seems like only yesterday that Francisco was a rookie riding the pine for a Kings playoff team that included Mike Bibby, Brad Miller, Ron Artest, Bonzi Wells and Shareef Abdur-Rahim. These clips below bring us back to a different Cisco. Injuries have derailed and slowed the 29 year old wing over the last three years. Three seasons ago it was ankle injuries that cost him 27 games. Two seasons ago, a freak accident in the weight room resulting in a catastrophic arm injury, costing Cisco all but 25 games. Last season, Garcia missed 24 games with a left calf strain that took a long time to heal because of a set back during recovery. By seasons end, Garcia appeared worn down, not entirely unexpected after missing so much time during the year. More after the jump... ... More

Francisco Garcia and DeMarcus Cousins to square-off in Calipari exhibition game

Add another star-studded exhibition contest to this locked-out offseason.  Kings forward Francisco Garcia and center DeMarcus Cousins will participate in an exhibition game at Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky on August 15th. Organized by Kentucky Head Coach John Calipari, the game will pit players from the Dominican ... More

Is DeMarcus Cousins Salvageable?

DeMarcus Cousins had one of the most intriguing rookie seasons of recent memory. Constant clashes with multiple bodies on and off the court; a knack for both scoring by the bundle and taking shots that even Michael Beasley shakes his head at; a monster both at rebounding the ball and fouling the opposition; unique passing skills for a big man that occasionally translate to assists and occasionally just become turnovers. There is seemingly nothing good that DeMarcus can’t do on a basketball court, but at the same time, he also possesses every negative trait in the book. For him to fulfill the considerable potential that got him drafted, he's going to have to learn which of those traits he should develop, and which traits he should drop like they were Mike Bibby on a 2011 NBA roster. At this point it’s pretty clear what DeMarcus can and can’t do. DeMarcus’ offensive game hinges on two things – how close he is to the basket, and how much he dribbles. It’s that simple. ... More

Your morning cup o’ Kings: DeMarcus Cousins

One of the truly fascinating thing about covering the 2010-11 Sacramento Kings was watching rookie DeMarcus Cousins work, both on and off the floor.  When I describe to people what I do, one of the first questions out of their mouth is, "What is DeMarcus Cousins like?"  If I'm being honest, I tell them that it depends on the day.  Cousins is an engaging, intelligent kid with a big heart.  He is also surly, difficult and combative.  He wears his heart on his sleeve, which is a blessing and a curse.  He almost always sticks around to take his lumps from the media, even when things have gone poorly.  He wants to win, he wants to start and he wants to play the whole game. There is so much to like about DeMarcus Cousins and a certain amount of apprehension that you have to have with him.  While he is supremely talented, he is young and immature.  Is he worth the trouble?  Absolutely.  Is he going to have more growing pains?  Yes, but mark my words, the finished product will be one of the most dominant players in the NBA. More after the jump... ... More

Tyreke and the NBA Stars take on the PBA

Game footage of yesterday's NBA Stars vs. PBA Stars is now available via youtube.  Although it is slightly pieced together through these six segments below, most of the game is here for your viewing pleasure. More after the jump... ... More

Tyreke Evans visits the Philippines

Tyreke Evans has joined a star studded group of NBA players, including Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose and Chris Paul on tour in the Philippines.  The group played its first game today against a PBA (Philippines Basketball Association) all-star team and tomorrow they will be back to take on the Philippine National ... More

Your morning cup o’ Kings: Donté Greene

The Kings haven't had many personalities like Donté Greene.  Sure, there have been characters like Vlade Divac and Ron Artest, but Donté Greene is something different.  Basically, Greene is a multimedia machine - the star of the Donté Greene show, Twitter and Youstream aficionado- all of which make him a fan favorite. Where Greene has cultivated a following off the court, he has struggled with consistency on the floor.  Greene is nothing short of an enigma.  So much talent, flashes of brilliance, great size, million dollar smile, but ... Coming into training camp last season, Donté Greene and Omri Casspi were supposed to fight it out for the starting gig.  Greene never even got off the ground, coming into camp at 260-pounds, a good 25-30 pounds heavier than his previous playing weight.  After starting 50 games in his second season, Greene saw that number slashed to just 21 starts and an incredible 13 DNP-CDs.   From possible starter to bench player and now, who knows what.  After the Kings brought in small forwards John Salmons and rookie Tyler Honeycutt, they shipped out Casspi to clear up a little room, but Greene will still have to battle to earn minutes at a crowded position that also includes Francisco Garcia and even Tyreke Evans at times. More after the jump... ... More