Jimmer Fredette and Kemba Walker Workout: Reaction from Utah

Jimmer Fredette & Kemba Walker

The Utah Jazz hold the no. 3 overall selection in this year’s NBA Draft.  And who they pick dictates how the rest of the 2011 draft shapes up.  Their choice is especially of interest to Sacramento because like the Kings, Utah is considering a point guard with their first selection.

Today’s workout in Salt Lake City featured the first and only match-up so far between Jimmer Fredette and Kemba Walker, both guards battling for top positions in the draft.  According to the tweets from Utah, the workout had more of a Playoff vibe to it than your usual workout.

Via Salt Lake City Tribune’s Steve Luhm on Twitter:

By my count, there are 37 media members in the press room waiting for the end of Jimmer-Kemba. Easily more than a first-round playoff series

After the jump are some quotes, along with audio from KFAN 1320 sports radio from the post-workout media availability.

Jazz Head Coach Tyrone Corbin

On learning something new about Fredette:

He’s quicker than I thought he was.  His competitive nature man.  This cat really competes and he hates to lose.  He’s a good kid and he really likes to play and that shows in everything he does on the floor.  Along with his scoring ability.  I mean everybody knows him for putting numbers on the board, but I think he’s a more complete player than a lot of people give him credit for.

On Jimmer’s defense and if he was better than originally thought:

He did better than he did on the films (laughs).  I think those are one of the areas…we saw him in Chicago…one of the areas he talked about is getting better defensively.  And most kids have to get better defensively once they make the jump to this level.  I think that he understands a little bit more because of how he scored, people think that he’s just a scorer and he has to show other parts of the game.

Listen to the entire press scrum below.



Jazz Vice President of Basketball Operations Kevin O’Connor

Opening Statement:

Obviously probably the two most recognizable names in college basketball were here today.  And that’s obviously a tribute to our third pick and also to the fact that we’ve got the 12th pick.  But, two kids that have been in school for four years and three years and certainly have worked their way up to the totem pole so to speak to be standing with the Wooden and all the other awards and the National Champion and everything.  It was fun to have them in here.

On Jimmer showing that he’s more than just a shooter:

I don’t think he showed that in 30 minutes.  I don’t think anybody would want me to say now he’s a complete basketball player after 30 minutes.  Our evaluation will be on his four years in college, especially his last two.

Listen to the entire press scrum below.



Kemba Walker

On Jimmer living up to the hype and if he can compete at the next level.

Jimmer’s a great player.  Of course there’s a lot criticism towards him because he scored a lot.  But I absolutely think that he can play the point guard position on the next level.  You know today, he definitely showed that.  Him scoring, is just a plus.  You know, he made some pretty impressive passes also.  So I think he’ll be great.

On Jimmer’s defense

Pretty good, pretty good I guess.  I don’t want to say anything wrong.  But you know, it was good I guess.

Listen to the entire press scrum below.



Jimmer Fredette

On playing against Kemba

It was great.  He’s a great competitor.  Obviously a quick guard, a guy who knows how to win.  And that’s something I know how to do as well.  So it was a great matchup.  A lot fun to play against him, great guy.  We’re great friends off the court and we compete on the floor, so it was a lot of fun.

Listen to the entire press scrum below.




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