Follow Jimmer: The Fredette Show in Sacramento

Some dialogue from last week between Jimmer Fredette and some of the media regarding his show.

Rob Small: What’s the point of your YouTube account?

Jimmer: Oh well what it is, they’re doing a little documentary on me up to the draft.  Then on the 23rd, it’s over.  So it’s just kind of a thing to show people what it’s like to go through the process, show what I’m like a little bit off the floor.  You know a lot of people see me on ESPN, see me shoot these shots, but they don’t really know who I am.  So I think it’s a good thing that people can see what it’s like to go through this process and hopefully have a good time, show them it’s a fun time.

Rob Small: Have you gotten any feedback from it?

Jimmer: Uh yeah, I have actually.  People really like it via Twitter or Facebook or whatever it is.  Even the comments on the YouTube page, seems like everybody’s enjoying it so far.  The guys are doing a pretty good job of videoing it and getting some good stuff, so I think it’s been a success so far.

Ailene Voisin: Are they here today?

Jimmer: (Looks around) They’re not here right now I don’t think…Oh there he is, yup.  There’s Scott right there.  There’s my guy! (laughs)

You can “Follow Jimmer” on his YouTube Channel.


Jonathan Santiago
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