2011 NBA Draft day is upon us, analysis and recap of events

It all began All-Star Weekend when NBA commissioner David Stern gently picked up the Sacramento Kings and placed them on the tracks of the craziest roller coaster ride known to man.  For months, the ride went up and down, side to side, splashing through pools of water, until a reprieve of sorts brought the ride to an abrupt halt.  While plenty of fans were able to get off and take a break, the hardcore fan couldn’t quite lift the hand rail and got locked in for another turnaround.

That turn?  Draft season.

We’ve done our best to bring you top notch draft coverage through prospect profiles, podcasts with some of the most relevant guests and mock drafts from a variety of sources, so here is a recap.

Prospect Recaps


Mock Drafts

To be completely honest, I haven’t done a mock draft this season.  When the lottery balls let the Kings down (like they always do), I was convinced then that they had no desire to actually keep this pick.  Although I have wavered somewhat through the process (damn you Jimmer!), I am again ready to declare that opinion. If the Kings do draft, it’ll either be because they couldn’t get the right deal done or Brandon Knight took a tumble down the board to no. 7.

Since every variable is still in play, I will give you my choice at no. 7.  You can later come back and mock me.

With the 7th pick in the 2011 NBA draft, I predict the Sacramento Kings will take Colorado guard Alec Burks.  Burks is one of the few players in this year’s draft that has the ability to be a legitimate 20 points per game scorer in the league.  While some folks don’t see Burks fitting next to Tyreke Evans, I disagree and would look forward to seeing two versatile, 6′-6″ guards roaming the Sacramento backcourt.

Count on it being a very interesting afternoon leading up to the draft as the Kings are considered the most likely team in the top ten to make a move.



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