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Vote Omri Casspi to the… All-Star Game?

I can't read a word of it or understand a single syllable they're saying but I'm assuming by the URL that this website is designed to get Omri Casspi to the All-Star Game as a starter in the West. Is Omri Casspi deserving of All-Star Game status as a rookie? Absolutely not. Has he had a better season than Tracy McGrady and ... More

Game 32 Recap: Lakers 109, Kings 108

Well, what can you do? Kings twice had 20-point leads. Spencer Hawes had 30 points (career-high). The Kings not only hung tough with the world champs but they did it without Tyreke Evans (who has been known to eat thunder, crap lightning, and father the future) and Kevin Martin. This team wouldn’t back down in the ... More