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Kings’ final play against the Mavericks was not a bad play

Immediately after the Kings’ final possession against the Dallas Mavericks failed, Paul Westphal was under scrutiny from those who watched the Kings lose at home in probably their best game of the young season. But after watching it a couple of times, I have to say there was nothing wrong with the play call. It was ... More

Notes and Quotes: Kings vs. Mavs

It's been a while since the Kings had a game like this one.  From beginning to end, you felt like they might be able to get the much needed win.  Although the Mavericks eventually won the game, the Kings fought hard and showed a lot of heart.  At the end of the day, it was a lack of experience that cost the Kings, but this is one of those game films that you can learn from, unlike the one from Friday night against the Laker that you just want to burn. Coaches Notes and Quotes
  • Coach Westphal on the starting line-up:  "I think it's always important who starts.  I think it's important who plays every minute.  I thought that group who started played fantastically well.  We were moving the ball, hitting shots.  We went toe to toe and got the better of a great team and it was really nice to see that."
  • On the final play of the game where the Kings did not get a final shot up:  "We were looking to get the ball in and hopefully get it back to Tyreke and spread the floor and penetrate.  We didn't need a three.  We could take the two or the three.  We had players in the positions where I thought they would be able to make a shot.  DeMarcus didn't think Tyreke was open, went and put the ball on the floor and got to the rim, or almost to the rim and instead of shooting, he kicked it out to Carl and Carl didn't really have the shot so he drove baseline and got kind of lost in the swarm."
  • ... More

Game Recap: Kings vs. Mavs

Starting Line-ups Kings
  • Beno Udrih
  • Tyreke Evans
  • Donté Greene
  • Jason Thompson
  • DeMarcus Cousins
Reserves:  Luther Head, Francisco Garcia, Samuel Dalembert, Carl Landry, Omri Casspi, Darnell Jackson, Pooh Jeter. Mavs
  • Jason Kidd
  • DeShawn Stevenson
  • Caron Butler
  • Dirk Nowitzki
  • Tyson Chandler
Reserves:  Jose Berea, Brian Cardinal, Brendon Haywood, Steve Novak, Ian Mahinmi, Shawn Marion, Jason Terry. ... More

Lakers 113, Kings 80: Not the best way to spend a couple of hours

The Lakers obliterated the Kings. It was never close. I don't really know what to say to make you feel better or worse about this loss. It was just a good old fashioned butt-whipping. So instead of trying to make sense of something that makes total sense, watch this. Kings vs Dallas tonight at home will hopefu... More

Following up with Jason Thompson.

JT at the Kings practice facility.

After practice yesterday, I was able to grab a minute with Kings starting power forward, Jason Thompson.  Although this wasn't the standard sit down interview, I thought it was necessary to check back in with JT after his post practice comments  following Tuesday's loss to the Pacers.  Like previous interviews, the questions, and the answers that follow, although taken from a group setting, are strictly based from our conversation with JT.  Here is Jason Thompson with the The Purple Panjandrum. TPP: Are you looking forward to playing the Lakers? JT: It's always a test.  The rivalry might not be as good as it was back in the day, but we always have good battles with them.  Usually all the games are close.  The last time we were in LA, besides the last game of the season, Kobe hit the buzzer shot, so yeah, we usually have a battle with them. ... More

Dalembert upgraded.

Sacramento Kings starting center Samuel Dalembert has been upgraded from doubtful to questionable for tomorrow night's game against the Lakers.  Dalembert is one of the NBA's iron men and it doesn't surprise me if he opts to fight through the pain of the tendinitis flair up in his right knee.  Coach Westphal said that if ... More

Notes and Quotes: December 1.

Strange day at the practice facility today.  The screen remained down again, which has become common lately.  This means that we didn't get to watch even a snippet of scrimmage action before we were let in to mingle.  Unfortunately, there is an injury to report and then we will get to the quotes. Injury Report: Samuel ... More

Cracks are showing in the Kings castle.

The Sacramento Kings are going through something right now that a lot of young NBA teams go through- a prolonged losing streak.  Losers of 11 of their last 12, the team has stuck together like glue...that is until the last few days.  It began with a subtle comment by last years rookie of the year Tyreke Evans following ... More

Game Recap: Kings vs. Pacers

Starting Line-ups Kings
  • Luther Head
  • Tyreke Evans
  • Donté Greene
  • Jason Thompson
  • Samuel Dalembert
Reserves:  Beno Udrih, Francisco Garcia, DeMarcus Cousins, Carl Landry, Omri Casspi, Darnell Jackson, Pooh Jeter. ... More

Notes and Quotes: A big day at the practice facility.

A special thanks goes out to The Court Jester for passing along the audio from Coach Westphal's media session today.  Here are the Coach's comments on both Hassan Whiteside's assignment to the NBDL and the promotion of Jason Thompson to the starting line-up. Coach Westphal on Hassan Whiteside: He's disappointed, but we ... More