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From Ken Berger: 2010-11 Salary Cap Will Be $56.1 Million

This gives the Kings roughly $20 million to spend on free agency or in contractually lop-sided trades this summer as opposed to the original $17 million that was expected. So the Kings can either go out and get more players with this or throw us all a really huge block party. I'm available after June. More

Stumbling On Wins Contest

UPDATE: We have a winner! Buck Nasty's name was selected at random and will now have a brand new copy of Stumbling On Wins by Dave Berri and Michael Schmidt. Here are the answers: Question 1: C. Ron Artest Question 2: D. Jamal Sampson Question 3: A. Peja Stojakovic Question 4: D. Brian Grant We will have another ... More

Unsung Player Day: Donté Greene

April 14th has been dubbed “Unsung Player Day” across the internet thanks to our friend Don from the With Malice blog. It’s pretty self-explanatory too. There’s a lot of coverage given to LeBron James, Dwight Howard, Kevin Durant, Dwyane Wade and others around the league. And it’s deserving too. Those are the stars ... More

Game 82 Recap – Lakers 106, Kings 100

What a strange way to end the season. Not a whole lot to say with the last game of the 2009-2010 campaign for the Sacramento Kings. The Lakers were without their star player and the Kings might as well not have suited up their star player either. It was pretty competitive for most of the game. At a certain point in the third ... More

From ESPN.com: ESPN Writers Pick Tyreke Evans for ROY

The ESPN analysts have voted for their choice on Rookie of the Year and Tyreke Evans got a whopping 14 out of 20 votes for the award. More

Game 81 Recap – Rockets 117, Kings 107 (Realistically, Everything Went Right For the Kings)

This was a symbolic game of the Kings season as everyone is going to write. Tyreke got his numbers, Kings started hot and finished poorly and with the loss. We’ve seen this same script and story throughout much of the season. Tyreke has a big game in terms of historic numbers and yet the Kings don’t have enough defense or ... More

From When Kingdom Come: What to Expect in Kevin Martin’s Return

Our friend, Alex Kramers, did some research into how the big names the Kings have traded away have performed in their return to Arco Arena and what it could mean for Kevin Martin's return to Sacramento tonight: Martin, who's averaged 20.3 points per game in 22 contests with the Rockets, half a point above his season output in ... More

Coach Westphal, How About You Stay A Little Longer

The Kings have announced that the third year option for Paul Westphal's contract will be picked up: “We’re all excited about the new direction Paul has given our team and his ability to keep our players focused during the course of the season,” said Petrie. “I think he’s done a tremendous job of helping us turn the ... More

From Kings.com: Donté Greene Vs Jon Brockman Dunk Contest

This was pretty fantastic. More

Game 79 Recap – Kings 116, Clippers 94

Well, the Kings certainly have figured out how to beat the Clippers. Over the last 10 games they’ve won and scored 100 points or more twice. Both of those games were against the Clippers. To say the Clippers still have their head in this season would be the equivalent of saying Tyreke Evans still has some work to do before ... More