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Updated: Tyreke Evans Cited For Reckless Driving; Commence Overreacting

Updates Galore! Been out most of the day and couldn't update until now. UPDATE #1: It was actually 130 mph not 100 mph. Yes, that's twice the speed limit. I still stand by what I said below. I think it will be handled in the court system and handled well. Tyreke and his family are embarrassed enough by the situation. Some ... More

The Sacramento Kings on NBC… Kind of…

What does this picture remind you of? Some of you may immediately think of the glory years of the Kings when the Lakers were the post-season challenge everybody wanted and the Chris Webber-Vlade Divac-Peja Stojakovic-Doug Christie-Mike Bibby hydra seemed like a group of talent that was destined to hoist trophies. But ... More

From The SacBee: Kings Interview Three Prospects at Draft Combine

Jason Jones reports that Geoff Petrie talked to Oklahoma State guard James Anderson, Kansas center Cole Aldrich and Kentucky guard Eric Bledsoe in Chicago: "They were all very good in their own separate ways," Kings basketball president Geoff Petrie said. "Aldrich and Anderson have been in college a little longer, and Bledsoe ... More

From Kings Connect: Evans, Petrie Earn High Praise Around the NBA

Alex Kramers of When Kingdom Come fame wrote a nice piece on the NBA Draft Lottery for Kings Fan Fare. Alex covered the event for Kings.com: A similarly ringing endorsement came from NBA Commissioner David Stern, who said Evans is “not only a terrific young man, but a great basketball player who deserves all of the accolades ... More

From Pistons Powered: Draft Prospect Availability Chart

TrueHoop Network brother Dan Feldman of Pistons Powered has made a great chart that shows us which players will be available for the first seven selections. He's taken all of the major mock drafts to find the odds. This will be updated throughout the next month and five days. Concentrate on the bright blue areas for each ... More

Intial Fifth Pick Of The Draft Fallout

Initial reaction for a lot of Kings fans was definitely sad panda. But there needs to be some bright side here. The Kings are not in a bad position at all. To have the fifth pick in the draft gives you great flexibility in what you want to do. The Kings have a truckload of cap space, the best rookie who looks to be a ... More

Five Reasons The Kings Will Win The Draft Lottery Tonight

Tonight is the Draft Lottery as everybody south of the eighth seed conference lines know and the Kings have the third best chance at securing a Top 3 pick. There's a little problem with that though. The Kings have horrible luck in acquiring a proper draft pick in the lottery. Since the lottery became a weighted process in ... More

From the Donté Greene Show: JT and Donté Argue Hilariously

While putting together a post that will be up in a little bit, I came across this clip from the Donté Greene Show. It was recorded on UStream November 9th of 2009. It's basically Donté and Jason Thompson arguing about who has been to more places. I couldn't stop laughing throughout it and then JT decided to free style. ... More

From SacBee: Ryan Thompson Tries Out For Kings

Nice piece from The Bee by Jason Jones talking about Jason Thompson's brother, who just tried out for the Kings: "It was really awkward coming off the plane and the first thing I see is a little billboard with him on it," Ryan said of his brother, Kings forward Jason Thompson. "It's like, 'Wow.' " Ryan, a 6-foot-6 guard ... More

From MaxPreps: Tyreke Evans’ Start at American Christian

Joseph Santoliquito of MaxPreps has a great piece on Tyreke Evans and his career in high school: "People forget Tyreke was 12 when he started playing high school basketball," Reggie said. "We had people criticize us, question us: ‘What are you doing to him? Isn’t it too soon?’ Things like that. But we always believed in ... More