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The “Open Practice” is a hit.

Tonight the Sacramento Kings opened the creaky doors of Arco Arena for a free to the public, general admission affair. Doors opened at 3:30.  By 3:15, the line to get in went from the main entrance to the front gate. Thousands got there early to get a good seat for the show, and a few of the Kings came ready to perform. Here are the highlights:

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No, this isn't a scene from Teen Wolf.

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NBA Blog Previews: Central Division

So we've been checking in on the NBA Blog previews throughout the past couple weeks. Now we're looking at the Central division. This is probably my second favorite division in basketball this season. The battle for the division title between Chicago and Milwaukee will be a fun battle to watch all season long. Then you have ... More

Training Camp Update: Day 5.

This was a doozy folks. For the first time this season, the media was allowed to view 40+ minutes of live scrimmage, starring, the new look Sacramento Kings. Today, practice was heated, fast paced and the entertaining. Here are my notes. Donté Greene pulled up in transition and drained a three to start the evening. DeMarcus ... More

Pre-season interview #1: Shooting the breeze with Hassan Whiteside.

This is the first installment of The Purple Panjandrum's player interview series. First up on the mic was Kings rookie second round pick, Hassan Whiteside. Whiteside is a 21-year-old, 7 foot tall shot blocker out of Marshall. TPP: Hassan, tell me about your summer with Hakeem Olajuwon. HW: I mean, it was great. He really taught me a whole bunch of moves that I've never seen or that any other coach had ever taught me. Just stressing about keeping my hands up and he even taught me about being a better shot blocker, he described it as being a big cat.
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Hassan Whiteside at media day.

TPP: How long were you with Hakeem? HW: A week and a half, just one on one. TPP: Did he work on just one, go to move, or a tandem of post moves? HW: A tandem, just how they guard him. I'm going to work out with him every summer for the rest of my career. It won't be the last time. ... More

Training camp update: Day 4.

Today's afternoon practice didn't last nearly as long as expected. Saying that, Coach Paul Westphal had less to add today than he did yesterday. Here is the news for today: Injury Updates: Samuel Dalembert (adductor) returned to practice at half speed. Antoine Wright (quad/hip flexor) returned to practice. New Injury to ... More

Pooh Jeter’s On A Boat!!

Okay, sorry. There's no need to bring back the "on a boat" jokes/memes but there's only a 45-minute window during each day that I can be clever and it isn't at 8am. Here are a couple of videos of Kings' backup point guard Pooh Jeter talking about his time in Spain, Israel and the NBA path. Pooh seems like a really good ... More

Training camp update: Day 3.

Here are some tidbits I extracted from coach Paul Westphal's post practice media session following today's Sacramento Kings training camp: Day three is come back to Earth day. After the first two days of camp, fatigue usually sets in so day 3 is devoted to diagramming plays and walking through coverages. When asked about ... More

An Off-Season for Tyreke Evans, a Career for Pete Carril.

The questions surrounding 2010 NBA rookie of the year Tyreke Evans usually center around two things - is he a point guard or a shooting guard, and how good can this kid be if he can develop a jump shot? Well, the Kings have made question number one completely irrelevant. Tyreke Evans is our point guard, no matter what any of ... More

Hassan Whiteside Is RIPPED

I tweeted during Media Day that Hassan Whiteside has put on 25 lbs since the Summer League (according to him) and he certainly looks like it's true. He claims he's been eating everything that he can and lifting like crazy. I believe him too because to see him in person the other day was pretty startling to a lot of people. ... More

Dalembert and Wright Injury Update. ***Video now included.***

The good news is that both Antoine Wright and Samuel Dalembert were at practice today. The bad news, neither was cleared to participate. Coach Westphal on Dalembert:
"We are going to make sure he is really right before returning to practice." ... More