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Notes and Quotes: A big day at the practice facility.

A special thanks goes out to The Court Jester for passing along the audio from Coach Westphal's media session today.  Here are the Coach's comments on both Hassan Whiteside's assignment to the NBDL and the promotion of Jason Thompson to the starting line-up. Coach Westphal on Hassan Whiteside: He's disappointed, but we ... More

Carl Landry, you’ve been Wally Pipp’ed.

In yet another strange turn of events, the struggling Sacramento Kings  have decided to move fourth year power forward Carl Landry to the bench in favor of last year's starter Jason Thompson.  Landry opened the door when he overslept and missed shoot-around before Saturday night's loss to the Bulls.  Thompson took advantage, ... More

Jason Thompson named a starter, Hassan Whiteside to Reno.

Big news coming out of Kings camp.  Jason Thompson has been named the starting power forward and rookie Hassan Whiteside is on his way to Reno of the NBDL to get some much needed playing time.  I will have more up soon. More

From the Kings: Antoine Wright has been waived

This from the team in a press release: The Sacramento Kings today announced that they waived guard Antoine Wright. Wright totaled two points and three rebounds in seven appearances this season. The Kings roster now stands at 13. When defensive specialist defend poorly, this is what happens. More

Kings should get the point with Tyreke

Sacramento Kings' Tyreke Evans (R) drives the ball to the basket past the defense of Cleveland Cavaliers' Ramon Sessions (L) during the first half of NBA basketball action in Cleveland, October 30, 2010. REUTERS/Aaron Josefczyk (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT BASKETBALL) Open up the Sunday paper and you’ll see another article by Ailene Voisin trying to convince you that Tyreke Evans isn’t a point guard. Luckily, the Sacramento Bee properly labeled this column as “Opinion” and nothing else. Because that’s what it is. It’s her opinion on a player she’s been less than kind too over his brief career. The reasoning in her piece is simple: the Kings are trying to trade for a point guard so the idea that Tyreke IS a point guard has clearly run its course. However, I’m wondering if that’s just a matter of circumstance in the league than it is an indictment on what Tyreke is or can be.... More

Tyreke Evans on feeling the pressure.

Following practice today, I was able to catch up with Kings guard Tyreke Evans.  This was not a one-on-one interview (two-on-one) so I will represent only the questions that I personally asked and Tyreke Evans' answers to those questions.  The Sacramento Bee's Jason Jones was with me and asked some quality questions as ... More

Notes and Quotes: Kings vs. Bulls

After a very disappointing loss to the Chicago Bulls, there was enough frustration to go around for everybody.  Coach Westphal's answers were shorter than usual, there were fewer players ready to talk in the locker room and those who were willing to talk seemed to have taken this particular loss pretty hard. Coaches Notes and Quotes
  • Opening statement:  "Well, we were awfully happy at half time.  We told the team that the Bulls have come back over and over this year and that we had to play 24 more minutes of very good defense and offense that was together, just like we did the first half.  I thought the second half our defense was good enough to win the game, but our offense was something that was out of some horror book.  Two turnovers in the first half and sixteen in the second, it's just unbelievable - running the same plays, supposedly, only not executing them.  24 second violations, guys not shooting open shots, guys not moving the ball, guys not running the plays the way they ran them in the first half, guys not running the counters when they overplay.  It was the exact opposite of the way we played in the first half.  The results speak for themselves.  When we move the ball when we're supposed to, we get good shots and we have a good chance of making those shots.  When we stop running the offense, when we stop taking the open shots when we do get them, we score nine points in the fourth quarter and let a team come all the way back on us.  It's tough because we showed what we can do, but we also showed how far we have to go to put it together for 48 minutes."
  • On the fast start followed by the miserable fourth:  "If anything, it should show - it should have shown before now, if a player can't see the difference between the decisions they are making early in the game and in the fourth quarter, they are never going to see it after that."
  • On Jason Thompson and Omri Casspi:  "I thought JT looked really comfortable in that starting role.  I thought he gave us a lot of energy and he played very well at both ends.  Omri hit a couple of shots off the bench and brought a lot of enthusiasm to the game and it was a good performance for those guys."
  • On Jason Thompson sitting most of the fourth quarter after such a strong game:  "Luol Deng.  I thought Donté did a real good job on Deng and when Gibson went out on fouls, it was a pretty tough match-up for JT so we moved Donté to the four and that's one of the reasons Omri got to play as many minutes as he did."
  • On why this team can't stay focused:  "There are a lot of reasons, nobody ever knows somebody else's mind.  It could be fatigue, it could be selfishness, it could be inexperience, it could be not knowing the offense, it could be not trusting your teammates.  It could be any or all of the above or something else I didn't list and you can't read somebody else's mind, all you can do is read the results and the results were painful to watch."
  • On how to deal with this lack of focus:  "We had various players who were guilty so you can't sit everybody.  You have to have a collective mindset to get it done together and that's what I didn't see."
  • On how to fix some of these issues:  "We're going to show them the film, first of all, show them the difference.  We'll have a nice film session tomorrow.  Part of it will be nice.  Part of it guys will be running for the exits."
  • On the change in play of guard Tyreke Evans during the first half and the second half:  "He didn't look as quick in the second half, did he."
... More

Bulls 96, Kings 85: Kings were so good until they weren’t anymore

How We Feeling? Totally awesome and then SOOOO the total opposite of awesome. The Kings came out with energy. Evans came out destroying the Bulls and their staunch defensive efforts after he frustratingly missed his first two layups of the game. Samuel Dalembert and Jason Thompson controlled the paint. Donté Greene was the ... More

Game Recap: Kings vs. Bulls

Starting Line-ups Kings
  • Luther Head
  • Tyreke Evans
  • Donté Greene
  • Carl Landry
  • Samuel Dalembert
Reserves:  Beno Udrih, Francisco Garcia, DeMarcus Cousins, Jason Thompson, Omri Casspi, Darnell Jackson, Pooh Jeter. Inactives:  Hassan Whiteside, Antoine Wright. ... More

Thompson in, Landry out of starting line-up.

Carl Landry was not able to practice yesterday due to a sore back and then slept through shoot around today so Jason Thompson will start at the power forward spot for the Kings tonight.  Thompson started most of his rookie and sophomore seasons for the Kings but this year has been relegated to the bench.   It will be intere... More