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Pre-season interview #1: Shooting the breeze with Hassan Whiteside.

This is the first installment of The Purple Panjandrum's player interview series. First up on the mic was Kings rookie second round pick, Hassan Whiteside. Whiteside is a 21-year-old, 7 foot tall shot blocker out of Marshall. TPP: Hassan, tell me about your summer with Hakeem Olajuwon. HW: I mean, it was great. He really taught me a whole bunch of moves that I've never seen or that any other coach had ever taught me. Just stressing about keeping my hands up and he even taught me about being a better shot blocker, he described it as being a big cat.

Hassan Whiteside at media day.

TPP: How long were you with Hakeem? HW: A week and a half, just one on one. TPP: Did he work on just one, go to move, or a tandem of post moves? HW: A tandem, just how they guard him. I'm going to work out with him every summer for the rest of my career. It won't be the last time. ... More

Training camp update: Day 4.

Today's afternoon practice didn't last nearly as long as expected. Saying that, Coach Paul Westphal had less to add today than he did yesterday. Here is the news for today: Injury Updates: Samuel Dalembert (adductor) returned to practice at half speed. Antoine Wright (quad/hip flexor) returned to practice. New Injury to ... More

Pooh Jeter’s On A Boat!!

Okay, sorry. There's no need to bring back the "on a boat" jokes/memes but there's only a 45-minute window during each day that I can be clever and it isn't at 8am. Here are a couple of videos of Kings' backup point guard Pooh Jeter talking about his time in Spain, Israel and the NBA path. Pooh seems like a really good ... More