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Tyreke Evans and the Curse of the Hyperbaric Chamber

It's a well-known fact that employing the services of a Hyperbaric Chamber in order to replenish your body and heal it quicker is basically playing Russian Roulette with your career. It's the sports equivalent of letting a black cat stroll in front of you, walking under a latter, breaking a mirror, spilling salt and letting ... More

For Your Summer Viewing Pleasure, The Donté Greene Show Will Return Soon

Kingsflix has dropped the trailer for the second season of the Donté Greene Show. Considering he deleted his Twitter and Facebook last night, this is all we'll have from him this summer. Maybe some uStreaming if we're lucky. Also, it looks like Donté filmed the entire second season on a farm somewhere. More

From Draft Express: Latest Mock Draft Pegs Greg Monroe For Kings

The latest mock draft from the incomparable Draft Express has the Kings selecting Georgetown center Greg Monroe. I've been touting Monroe as a Kings possibility since the middle of the season because I think his size and skill set would fit in nicely. He's not a great defender but he's also not a saloon door in the key ... More