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Is Kevin Martin the Problem?

"Trade Kevin Martin!" "We don’t need him!" "He’s destroying this team and their continuity!" Okay, so the Kings are 0-3 since Kevin Martin returned and it’s starting to bring about the Sacramento Apocalypse. I get it. Things were fun, new and exciting with Tyreke leading the team and now that Kevin Martin is ... More

Omri and Tyreke on NBATV

Here's the video via Kingsflix: More

Game 40 Recap – Bobcats 105, Kings 103

This might get a little out of control so I apologize if you’ve grown tired of these types of articles from me. But Tyreke Evans is a force to be reckoned with and I’m not sure there is enough reckoning in this world to do it. Let me just start out by talking about the fourth quarter and get my gushing out of the way. ... More

From Sam Amick: Cisco vs Elie Shootout

There is a lot of really good stuff in today's Gameday post by Sam Amick. Some good quotes from Kevin Martin highlight the post. There is also this video of a Mario Elie-Francisco Garcia shootout. Mario Elie can still shoot the lights out. Why didn't they make him a player-assistant coach? He would have been perfect ... More

Shot Chart Oddities: Volume 1

Apparently, Tyreke Evans has not taken a single three from the left corner this season. Not one. In fact, he's only taken one corner three the entire season and as you can see below it came from the right corner. Not only that but from now on, I think it's safe to start screaming, "NO!!" when he takes a shot from the right ... More

Kings.com Dating Game

I don't have many words that can describe this video so I'll just let it speak for itself. The winner of the game show was Jon Santiago of the brilliantly done Davis Sports Deli podcast. You can follow all of the participants on Twitter too: Jon Santiago is @ITSJonSantiago. Jason Thompson is @JTtheKid. Donté ... More

Tyreke Evans Must Work in Wardrobe…

because he just completely undressed the reigning Defensive Player of the Year last night with this crossover. Someone check Dwight Howard's ankles, please. Can ankles get whiplash? More

Game 37 Recap – Magic 109, Kings 88

I don’t really know what there is to say about this game. Remember the Dwyane Wade commercial with him driving to the basket? He’s going through his thought process of what to do in the form of two different personalities on his shoulders giving him advice? Yep, that’s the one! Okay, the nerdy Dwyane is advising ... More

From Sam Amick: Kevin Martin Cleared to Play

Here's the link to the Sac Bee Blog and Sam Amick's reporting that Kevin Martin is cleared to play. As early as Friday? Impossible to Guard Backcourt... ENGAGE! More

NBA Jam: Which Kings Do You Want in the Game?

EA Sports is bringing back NBA Jam. It's going to be on the Wii sometime this year. And you have until January 18th to vote on which three Kings you would like to play with in the game. The options are Tyreke Evans, Jason Thompson, Spencer Hawes, Beno Udrih, Kevin Martin and Andres Nocioni (No Casspi?!?!). Vote early, ... More