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From StR: Where Do the Kings Stand at the Deadline?

Aykis16 from the Sactown Royalty community put in some great work trying to hash out any possible trade wants, needs, and likelihoods between the Kings and the rest of the NBA. He hit up a blogger for each team and even asked me about my beloved wretched Timberwolves. It's a very good read (long but good) so set aside 20 ... More

Evans and Casspi to Play in Rookie Challenge

From the Kings: Tyreke Evans and Omri Casspi have been named to the Rookie Team for next month's All-Star festivities in Dallas. Sacramento Kings rookies Tyreke Evans and Omri Casspi were selected to the 2010 T-Mobile Rookie Challenge & Youth Jam to be held on Friday, February 12 in Dallas during NBA All-Star 2010. The ... More

Game 44 Recap – Kings 99, Warriors 96

“We’re off the schneid.” Coach Westphal was happy to get this win against the Warriors and even though it was an ugly win, it’s a game the Kings had to have. In the grand scheme of things, does a three-point home win over one of the worst teams in the league matter? Probably not. The Kings have been atrocious over ... More

Draft Lottery Odds Are Back

ESPN.com's annual draft lottery odds machine is back and after just two clicks look what came up: More

From Marc Stein: Mavs Interested in Kevin Martin

Marc Stein is reporting that if the Kings are having doubts about Kevin Martin, the Mavericks are willing to strike up a deal. One hypothetical trade scenario could see Dallas offer Howard, Drew Gooden, J.J. Barea and cash to the Kings for Martin and Nocioni. That, however, is a lot of long-term salary for the Mavs to add. ... More

Kings Mid-Season Report: Halfway There; Living On a Prayer

Record: 15-26 Honestly, I never understood that Bon Jovi song. I didn’t know what they were halfway to and I didn’t know what that prayer was about. But when it comes to the Kings season, we can definitively say we’re halfway there. You might even say at this point Kings fans are living on a prayer. A prayer for what, ... More

From SNR: Coachie and the Kids

Sacramento News and Review has a really good piece by Nick Miller on Coachie, aka Pete Carril. Carril moves the three Kings to a new spot and restarts the drill. When the hoops stop falling, he prods: “You can make it to five, eh?” Across the gym, Kevin Martin yells that lunch is ready. “We’re working with the master ... More

Game 41 Recap – Hawks 108, Kings 97

This is going to seem unfair and like I’m picking on Spencer Hawes but when I was watching this game a certain play seemed to stand out to me and sum the entire contest. Spencer Hawes drove up the right side of the floor and endured a bit of contact and some ball swiping. Hawes lost the ball or was stripped of the ball or ... More

From Sam Amick: Donté Green, Jon Brockman Will Start

From Sam Amick at the Sac Bee: Jon Brockman will replace Spencer Hawes in the starting lineup and Donté Greene will replace Omri Casspi as well for the game against the Hawks tonight. Can't say I disagree with the decisions. Brockman's rebounding will be much-needed against the likes of Josh Smith and Al Horford and ... More

Frontline of the Future? Not so fast…

This is a guest post by Sacramento Kings fan, David Ford. It's his second post on the site (his first one can be found here). Enjoy. In the midst of a disastrous 17-win season, it becomes increasingly difficult to have a positive outlook for the future. The Kings were in this dilemma last season and found very few ... More