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Donté Greene Says…

I've got your New York State of Mind right here! More

Vote Early, Vote Often

Over at Thoughts From The Jockstrap, they're having a fantasy three-0n-three tournament. The tourney pits together the team's coach, best player, and 12th man. The Kings trio of Coach Westphal, Kevin Martin and Jon Brockman received a first round bye in this tournament. Now, they're facing off against the Lakers tryst of Phil ... More

Game 13 Recap: Grizzlies 116, Kings 105

(Programming Note: I have no idea what happened to the Kings-Rockets recap. Usually, I write the articles in Word and then copy them over to the website but for some reason [laziness] I just wrote it in the website. Well, that was a mistake because I posted it, went to bed, and woke up to it being gone. But now we’re back on ... More

Game 11 Recap: Mavericks 104, Kings 102

(Preliminary Note: This recap was delayed because I coach JV basketball for a local high school and we had a late practice during the game Friday night before we turned around and had our first scrimmage Saturday morning. Because of this, I didn’t get to watch the Kings game until Saturday afternoon. But we won four of the ... More

From The Daily Dime: My JT Piece

I briefly wrote about Jason Thompson's All-Star play so far this season and how he shapes up against the other power forwards in the West. It ran in today's Daily Dime on ESPN. More

From TrueHoop: Jason Williams Has Returned

Henry Abbott has a nice piece on the job Jason Williams is doing in Orlando: Eleven years ago, in the 1998-1999 season, the NBA featured a veteran big man called Jayson Williams, a blue chip pro prospect at Duke named Jason (later "Jay") Williams, and wild-eyed, over-tattooed rookie point guard called Jason "White Chocolate" ... More

Game 10 Recap: Bulls 101, Kings 87

The Kings went into this game with the chance to win their fifth straight game and push their record to 6-4. They were trying to do so against a Bulls team that hadn’t cracked the 100-point mark all season and actually hadn’t even scored 95 points in a contest. They’re one of the five worst teams in eFG% and offensive ... More

You Want To Do What With Whom?

All right, so we all know the rumored deal, which is probably nothing more than just that – a rumor. The deal would be for the Kings to send Kenny Thomas back to the 76ers and move Andres Nocioni to the Boston Celtics. In return, they’d receive J.R. Giddens and Samuel Dalembert. Sounds pretty sweet, right? You get an ... More

From TrueHoop: Kings Involvement in 3-Way Deal Could Land Dalembert

From a Marc Stein TrueHoop Post: *The Kings have interest in securing another big man to join Spencer Hawes and the fast-developing Jason Thompson in their frontcourt rotation and have pondered the merits of gambling on Dalembert for some time. And trading for Philly’s out-of-favor center certainly makes more sense than a ... More

Emeka Okafor for Kenny Thomas Rumors?

Sam Amick just tweeted as such. Who knows how much clout this has to it? But wouldn't that be a bold move by both teams? The Hornets seem to be content with blowing this thing up and rebuilding around Chris Paul with him under contract for the next two to three seasons and the franchise losing more money than Antoine ... More