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From BDL: ’02 Kings Deserved a Title

Kelly Dwyer is one of the best basketball writers on the planet. Not on the internet. On the planet. He analyzes the game and league as good as anyone. So when he writes something, I take notice because I feel like it not only makes me a better writer but it makes me a better basketball fan. You can learn a lot reading from his ... More

Kings Should Act On LTBMs

Yesterday, I wrote an article on Talkhoops about Luxury Tax Bowel Movements. What are Luxury Tax Bowel Movements you ask? Well, LTBMs are essentially when a team trades a player away and receives nothing but a conditional second round draft pick from the future.  Most recently, we saw it happen with the New Orleans Hornets ... More

Vlade Divac Commercial

I don't speak a foreign language, especially not this one. So I have no clue what is being sold here. It could be a commercial for a certain airline or it could be a trailer for Vlade's rumored movie, Serbs on a Plane. Whatever it is, Divac looks healthy and I'm actually shocked that he's not smoking while flying. Via The ... More

Spreading Some Linkage

With the off-season so uneventful and yet, still upon us, there usually aren't enough links to pass around in order to constitute an entire post of links. It reminds me of this line in Wayne's World: I definitely didn't have many links each day, let alone enough links to necessitate a link rack post. Something about ... More

Kings 2009 Pre-Season Schedule

The Kings pre-season schedule was released today. Here are the dates: Game 1 Tuesday, October 6 -- 7pm (PST) @Portland Trailblazers in Portland (Rose Garden) Game 2 Wednesday, October 7 -- 7pm (PST) Portland Trailblazers in Sacramento (Arco Arena) Game 3 Thursday, October 15 -- 7pm (PST) @Los Angeles Lakers in ... More

Kings.com Conversation With Omri Casspi

Andrew Nicholson sat down with Omri Casspi in Vegas to discuss everything from the moment he was drafted to his position of being the first Israeli basketball player to Michael Jordan and more. I absolutely love the type of person Omri is and his personality and humbleness makes it impossible to not root for him. I ... More

What To Expect When You’re Expecting

With a 17-win team you’re always wondering how they’ll improve and how long it will take for that improvement to come to fruition. In fact, you’ve probably gone over the possibilities of the schedule already and how it will play itself out. Can the Kings improve on their six road wins last year? Is it possible for them ... More

LaMont Peterson Talks Tyreke Evans on Kings Connect

LaMont Peterson is the strength and conditioning coach for Tyreke Evans and Andrew Nicholson caught up with him for Kings Connect. Tyreke has known Peterson since he was in the ninth grade when he started working with him as Evans began working towards the NBA. It's kind of crazy to think that he's been training with ... More

Donte Greene Mix

This mix was shared with me and various other Kings bloggers over the weekend from Ryan on Twitter (@Kings2k9). Why did it take me so long to post it? Because I was throwing a bachelor party this weekend for my friend, Andrew, who takes the plunge in 11 days. Love the choice of music and some pretty good clips in this video. ... More

Kings Interested in Sessions? I Doubt It

So I was perusing Sactown Royalty (as I am apt to do when Google Reader informs me that there has been a new post there) and I came across this link about the Kings possibly inquiring about acquiring Ramon Sessions, the semi-coveted restricted free-agent point guard from the Milwaukee Bucks. Here's the quote from the Journal ... More