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Game 31 Recap: 76ers 116, Kings 106

Have you ever watched a movie that simply didn’t do anything for you? I’m not talking about a movie that you hated or a movie that was really bad. I just mean a movie that was very boring from start to finish and left your life, psyche, and sense of entertainment completely unaffected? I felt that way when I watched ... More

Outsider Perspective: Celtic Thoughts on Tyreke Evans

We have a guest poster today who wanted to share his thoughts on Tyreke Evans. This post is by Graham Brunell from Celtics 17. He wanted to give an outsider's perspective on what Tyreke Evans means to the Kings. Enjoy: Some people consider rookies roller-coaster rides. Whether their initial impression of them brings outsta... More

Omri Casspi’s Dunk Against the Nuggets

The following video probably won't translate to those of you who weren't at the game. But trust me that this dunk was far more impressive in person than the TV box leads you to believe. Brilliant part of this play: notice how Beno completely took away Lawson's ability to stop the ball by being physical with him and ... More

Game 30 Recap: Kings 106, Nuggets 101

The Kings gave the ball to Tyreke Evans and told him to win games against two of the best teams in the NBA over the past week. It didn’t happen. He failed to get shots off in both contests when his team needed a dagger and the Kings ended up giving in during overtime periods. Against the Nuggets, they didn’t have that ... More

Kings Music: Best Music Collection

Saw this at the game the other night. Just speechless... More

Morning After Thoughts About the Kings Loss to the Cavs

When the TrueHoop Network started, I was introduced to the writings of John Krolik. If you don't know who John Krolik is, he's the guy that run Cavs: The Blog for the THN. He's also probably the most impressive young writer I read on a daily basis. Aside from my NBA obsession, I really don't care about the Cleveland Cavali... More

Game 28 Recap: Cavs 117, Kings 104

With a tough home stretch of the Cavs, Lakers and Nuggets in a one-week span, the Kings and their fans should be hoping for one win and anything on top of that is just the proverbial icing on this holiday cake. When you have played the Cavs to a standstill and have possession with 13 seconds left, you have to like your chances ... More

Warning: LeBron James Is Coming To Town

In case you haven't heard, LeBron James and the rest of the Cavs are in town to play the Kings. LeBron James is probably the best player in basketball. He's scary athletic. He's freakishly good. He's [insert superlative describing] [another superlative]. Here's a preview of coming attractions: More

Game 27 Recap: Kings 102, Bulls 98

The Kings were listless and didn’t really compete against the Bulls on Monday night. The Bulls created turnovers and took advantage of a poor defensive effort. They shot the lights out, attacked the basket and outworked this Kings team on the boards. This was going to be the general theme of the game recap when the Bulls ... More

Tyreke Evans Has ONIONS!

Apparently, this was Tyreke Evans' house. The Bulls probably feel like it was a home invasion. 35-point comeback. Just incredible. More to come in the early morning. More