1-on-1 with Ty Lawson: It’s time for everyone to step up

Vlade Divac knew he was taking a risk when he signed Ty Lawson and so far, Lawson has exceeded most expectations and has been a welcomed addition on and off the court.

Last week was a hectic week for the Sacramento Kings, and it all started after the All-Star Game when they decided to move on from DeMarcus Cousins. It shook the NBA world and the current members of this Kings roster.

I sat down with Lawson for a few minutes right before the Nuggets game last Thursday and we discussed the trade and his new teammates.


LB: Give me your initial thoughts on the trade and your thoughts on staying here?

TL: It was a busy week and a lot of indecision and I’m glad it’s over.

LB: Were you worried that you were going to get dealt?

TL: I wasn’t too worried (smiling).

LB: It must hurt losing a guy who put up big numbers like DeMarcus Cousins, but is that extra motivation for others to step up?

TL: Definitely because he carried the load for us for a long time and now everyone has to step up and it’s everyone’s opportunity.

LB: Who do you think is going to step up simply by watching your teammates practice and being around them all the time?

TL: I think everyone is going to step their game up and contribute because everyone has worked hard all season long.

LB: Do you feel like your role is going to change a little bit more?

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TL: I’m probably going to have to be more aggressive and get to the paint and find my teammates for better shots.

LB: What do you know about Buddy Hield’s game and you being a pass first point guard, how will you help him feel more comfortable on the court and help him get up his shot a lot faster?

TL: He gets his shot off quick. I just got to get to the paint and draw his man and get him the ball where he wants it. We practiced yesterday; I was finding him a lot so I feel like we already have some chemistry going on.

LB: What do you think about Tyreke’s game and how can both of you work together on the court?

TL: Tyreke likes to get to the paint; He’s more like me and he was playing with the second unit with me and Buddy and we were feeding off each other. I like playing with someone like Tyreke who likes to attack because he can also find me for an open shot and I feel like we can feed off each other.

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